WWI Poster Conserve Food Eat Less Meat Wheat World War I WW1 Print

WWI Poster Conserve Food Eat Less Meat Wheat World War I WW1 Print
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The2FunAdGuyz offer a new, high quality reproduction, print of a simple, but fascinating 1917 United States World War I poster from the United States Food Administration. Many such posters were issued during World War I imploring citizens to curb their consumption of food to help ship it to the U.S. Servicemen and displaced, starving refugees in the European theater of war. Using a minimum of words and no graphics, creator Frederic G Cooper shows the rules for civilians to do their part to help feed the troops and refugees.

What is amazing is that these 27 simple words ring as true today as they did almost a hundred years ago. Whether because of lack of money, better health, food allergies or common sense, many people are turning their attention and resources to eating better and healthier food. For all of us--these words of wisdom from almost 100 years ago might help motivate us all.

The Text reads:


1 - buy it with thought

2 - cook it with care

3 - use less wheat & meat

4 - buy local foods

5 - serve just enough

6 - use what is left

don't waste it

The text at the bottom reads: U. S. Food Administration.

Artist: Frederic G Cooper was one of the most innovative and renowned illustrators of his era. He worked for many of the major magazines of the era including Life. He was an avid user of bold text in his illustrations and produced a notable series of ads for Westinghouse Toasters.

This poster should be placed in every kitchen, cafeteria, restaurant, grocery store and food coop in the world--starting with your kitchen.

PAPER QUALITY: This new print is on a highest quality, acid-free, 100-pound glossy premium text paper that allows for maximum color brilliance and fidelity for older images.

Image Size: 10.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches high.

Paper Size: 11 inches wide by 17 inches high. This allows for a small border around the image for matting and framing. When matted, this format is perfect for a standard 16-inch x 20-inch frame, a manageable size for a wide variety of decorating purposes.

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