Irish World War I Print Ireland WWI Recruitment Posters Pub Home Bar Decor

Irish World War I Print Ireland WWI Recruitment Posters Pub Home Bar Decor
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Product Description

The2FunAdGuyz offer a new print of an interesting 1915 World War I recruitment poster for the Irish units of the British army.

A simple, text-only presentation leaves all of the emotional impact for the lines of a poem that takes a classic, “Be a man—do your duty” approach to encouraging recruitment.

DESCRIPTION: the verse is set in green type on a tan background.

HEADLINE: What Have You Done For Ireland?

TEXT: the following poem is the entire poster:

What have you done for Ireland?
How have you answered the call?
Are you pleased with the part you’re playing
In the job that demands us all?
Have you changed the tweed for the khaki
To serve with the rank and file
As your comrades are gladly serving,
Or isn’t it worth your while?

Can you meet the eyes of soldiers?
Or have you to turn away?
When the talk of the stay-at-home slacker
Have you never a word to say?
When you read the roll of honour
Of living and dead—what then?
Does the voice within approve you
As one to be ranked with men?

For in Ireland’s glory
Each soldier may claim his share,
So he who would shirk his duty,
His burden of shame must bear.
You who are strong and active,
You who are fit for the fray,
What have you done for Ireland?
Ask of your heart to-day!

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: World War I began in 1914 as Irish Nationalism was flowering in Ireland and would continue so throughout the duration of the war. In spite of this movement, the British Army was attempting to recruit Irishmen for their Irish Battalions. Many in Ireland opposed the British Army’s attempts to recruit. In an effort to gain recruits, the British used a technique that would be the envy of modern advertising mavens; they simply ignored the fact it was a British Army and appealed to Irish patriotism. In spite of the turmoil at home, tens of thousands of Irishmen answered the call and served valiantly in the war effort, while others fought the battle to create an Irish State. This poster was part of the recruitment effort in Ireland and every country where Irish had emigrated. Because many Irish had emigrated to Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries, a similar recruitment effort was waged in those countries.

ORIGINAL MEDIA: Alex Thom & C0., Ltd., Dublin did the original lithograph on which this new print is based.

PAPER QUALITY: This new print is on a highest quality, acid-free, 100-pound glossy premium text paper that allows for maximum color brilliance and fidelity for older images.

AVAILABILITY: In Stock! – Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day.

Image Size: 10.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches high.

Paper Size: 11 inches wide by 17 inches high. This allows for a small border around the image for matting and framing. When matted, this format is perfect for a standard 16-inch x 20-inch frame, a manageable size for a wide variety of decorating purposes.

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DECORATING USES: Many of our customers find this poster ideal for decorating a den, recreation room, family room or boy’s room. Of course any Irishman or Irishwoman will consider it appropriate for any room in the house.

GIFT IDEAS: Now you know what to get your favorite Irishman or woman for St. Patrick’s Day or any other occasion.

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