1879 American German Lager Beer Bier Bar Pub Tavern Poster Print

1879 American German Lager Beer Bier Bar Pub Tavern Poster Print
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The2FunAdGuyz offer a new, high quality reproduction print of an interesting 1879 color lithograph poster and bar sign advertisement for Lager Beer. This print will be an outstanding addition to the wall decor of a home bar, pub, saloon or restaurant. Wherever it is displayed, it is sure to draw attention and comment. Most of what would become the great American beer companies were mostly small breweries surrounding German-American immigrant communities. So small were most of these breweries, they could not afford to print their own posters. The lithographic companies produced generic posters such as this one. Sales representatives sold these posters to small breweries and taverns—who could add their business name in the space provided above the image. However, there is a great deal more to this poster. First is the sheer quality of the artwork. There is a faint signature of “J.” or “T.” Wood near the center panel. Whoever he or she is, they produced very fine images.

The real value is this is a masterpiece of early beer advertisement. Here we see the roots of today’s multi-billion dollar industry—while it also serves as a social commentary. The large center panel features a jolly fat man (probably a brew master) leaning against a keg. His apron bears the words “A healthy Drink.” The panel on the left side features a female allegorical figure holding her patriotic wreath over a giant glass of beer. Above the allegorical figure is the slogan: "A National Drink.” On the right panel is a domestic scene with a well-dressed father and mother holding a young child. Both mother and father hold a full beer glass. The slogan above that panel reads “A Family Drink”. Finally, the lower center panel shows two tuxedoed, elderly men raising a glass together. The slogan above that panel reads “A Friendly Drink.” Above the left and right panel are twin billy goat heads. The billy goats, with their fun-loving, playful nature, serve as the traditional symbols for lager beer.

At a time when the American Prohibition movement was building strength, this poster hits many points. Beer is as American as can be. Beer is healthy, although we might today question using obese people to represent health; the standards were different in the late 1800s. The concept of beer as either a family drink or a drink for women would be unusual for this time. Lastly, the poster deals with the class issue. Lager bier [sic] was a drink for lower or immigrant classes. Here we see middle class folk (left panel) and upper class citizens (lower panel) enjoying beer.

Any ad man of today would be in awe of so many advertising messages delivered into a single advertising poster. What you have here is a great example of breweriana—way ahead of its time in the use of sophisticated message delivery.

PAPER QUALITY: This new print is on a highest quality, acid-free, 100-pound glossy premium text paper that allows for maximum color brilliance and fidelity for older images.

Image Size: 13.75 inches wide by 10.5 inches high.

Paper Size: 17 inches wide by 11 inches high. This allows for a small border around the image for matting and framing. When matted, this format is perfect for a standard 16-inch x 20-inch frame, a manageable size for a wide variety of decorating purposes.

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